The manufacturer of Vortex based processor boards, the famous ICOP company, has introduced first two models of 3.5” boards based on the Intel processor – APL-35-N3350 and BYT-35-N2930. As previously, the model designation begins with a type of the installed processor:

  • APL-35-N3350 board is equipped with Apollo Lake N3350 processor
  • BYT-35-N2930 board is equipped with Bay Trail N2930 processor

Let us consider each model separately

Let’s begin with a board on the basis of Apollo Lake processor - APL-35-N3350. As mentioned earlier, APL-35-N3350 board, is designed in 3.5” format. The particular feature if this board is a processor, located on the back of the board. The model supports up to 8 Gb RAM of DDR3L standard with clockrate of 1866 MHz.

Despite its compact size, APL-35-N3350 model has great communication features:

Unsoldered ports and connectors:

  • 4 USB3.0 interfaces
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Audio interface
  • 1 COM port with RJ45 connector
  • 2 DisplayPort interfaces
  • DC-jack power connector

Connected ports and interfaces:

  • 2 USB2.0 interfaces
  • 5 9-pin COM ports
  • 1 6-pin PS/2 connector
  • 40-pin eDP interface
  • 10-pin GPIO port

For enhancement of communication abilities, there is a full-size miniPCIe slot.

APL-35-N3350 board is equipped with rather broad options for data storage. In addition to the standard SATA port for connection of a data storage device, the board is equipped with a M.2 slot for connection of an SSD, as well as with a microSD slot.

The board requires 12V DC. The board can be powered via a DC-jack or via an internal 2-pin power connector. The board can operate either in ATX mode, or in AT mode.

As APL-35-N3350 board is equipped with the Apollo Lake processor, it can operate under Windows 10 OS and Linux OS only.

Let us consider the second model - BYT-35-N2930

BYT-35-N2930 processor board is designed on the basis of the Bay Trail – Intel Celeron N2930 processor, and, as the previous model, has the backside located processor. The board supports up to 8Gb of DDR3L RAM of SO-DIMM format.

Similar to APL-35-N3350 model, the embedded board BYT-35-N2930 has powerful communication features:

The interfaces located on the back are as follows:

  • 1 USB3.0 port
  • 3 USB2.0 interfaces
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Audio interface
  • VGA interface
  • DC-jack power connector

The board can be additionally equipped with the following input/output ports:

  • 2 USB2.0 interfaces
  • 4 9-pin COM ports
  • 1 6-pin PS/2 connector
  • 30-pin LVDS interface
  • 40-pin eDP interface
  • 10-pin GPIO port

Two miniPCIe slots are provided for connection of additional extension modules. One of the slots supports installation of mSATA drives BYT-35-N2930 board can be additionally connected to a standard data storage device via SATA3 port.

It can be powered from a power source with output voltage from 9 to 24V DC.

As the board is designed on the basis of the earlier processor version, it supports the greater number of operating systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Linux

Processor boards APL-35-N3350 and BYT-35-N2930 are capable of operating within the temperature range of 0 to +60С and can be used for designing compact and energy efficient SCADA systems.

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