Portable “all-in-one” workstations comprising industrial computer, LCD display, keyboard and touch pad in a single housing.

Portable Workstations differ from industrial laptops and tablets by the higher efficiency and support of up to 7 full-size expansion boards of PCI, PCIe or ISA.

Portable workstation would be irreplaceable in "field conditions" as a device for data control, diagnostics and collection. Due to rugged housing and wide functionality portable workstations are capable to solve various tasks, and may be applied in the following spheres:

  • Light and heavy industry
  • Military industry
  • Monitoring, controlling and diagnostics within field conditions

Functionality of portable working stations

Portable workstations comprise the advantages of industrial desktop computers with those of portable systems. Thanks to effective cooling systems portable computers can support high-performing Core-i3i5/i7 and Xeon processors, whereas large number of drive bays provides broad possibilities for data storage and back-up. Aluminum housing with rubber corners ensures reliable protection from mechanical impact and vibrations during transportation and operation. Each portable workstation set includes special bag for transportation securing safe handling.

Industrial portable workstations can perform wide range of tasks on data processing, setting up the field laboratories of various complexity class, setting and servicing industrial equipment, monitoring the objects and applications.

Industrial portable workstations is an ideal solution for building mobile computing complexes or field laboratories of broad functionality.

In case the basic models represented on our site do not match with some of your parameters, IPC2U company specialists will be glad to design a unique configuration that complies with your requirements.

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