Measuring units are devices designed to measure physical quantities. They differ from monitoring devices by the ability to function autonomously with no connection to other additional devices.

Some measuring units are capable to display the measurements. The controlling device is also capable to request the data from a measuring unit via special interface, such as RS-485, Ethernet, CAN etc. In some of the models it is possible to archive the measurements.

The measuring units are applied in automation systems to control the following parameters:

  • Voltage, current and power
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Concentration of various substances in air, gas and liquids

Functionality of monitoring and measuring units

Monitoring and measuring units help to control the processes within automatic process control systems and react promptly on changes in the environment. By means of monitoring and measuring units it is possible to obtain data on network current, voltage and power, as well as environment temperature and humidity.

In our catalog you can find various types of monitoring and measuring units, such as an electric network meter, a current meter, a voltage meter, a power meter, as well as temperature and humidity meters with data visualization and tracing. Information from monitoring and measuring units can be obtained via standard protocols, such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DCON, CANbus or CANopen.

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