ICP DAS has released a new ECAT-2611 gateway that allows Master devices in Modbus RTU and EtherCAT networks to exchange data over a gateway being Slave for both protocols.

The gateway has one COM port RS-232/422/485 to connect Modbus RTU Master devices and two Ethernet ports to connect EtherCAT devices.

Join EtherCAT and Modbus RTU networks over ECAT-2611 gateway

Also ICP DAS has designed a gateway that serves as Modbus RTU Master device within a Modbus ECAT-2610 network.

ECAT-2611 gateway features:

  • Efficient CPU to process network traffic on-the-fly
  • Acts as Modbus RTU Slave and EtherCAT Slave
  • Support of Modbus code of 03, 04, 06, 16 functions
  • Allows integrating slow Modbus RTU into fast EtherCAT
  • Universal 1хRS-232/422/485 port
  • COM-port maximum speed of up to 115200 bit/s.
  • Two Ethernet ports, RJ-45
  • DIN-rail mount
  • Operating temperature from -25oC up to +75oC
  • Supports transmission of data up to 256 WORD on input and 256 WORD on output
  • Connection without any hardware or software changes within the external devices
  • Support of all EtherCAT controllers
  • Corresponds to the directive that restricts the content of hazardous substances(RoHS)

Also, ICP DAS provides other EtherCAT devices:

For ECAT-2611 please see user manual and specification.

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